Thank you for choosing Road Kill BBQ Sauce and Julie B's Old Fashion Relishes!

Our Road Kill BBQ Sauce™ came about as many of your own favorite recipes do. Over the years, Jim would purchase sauces at the grocery and then "doctor them up" to get the taste he wanted. As is true with so many of the delicious foods we all make, people would often say, "you should bottle that and sell it!" And so, finally, now we are! He now has his own "secret" recipe that "Makes Raccoon Taste Almost As Good As Possum!™"

The sauce is cooked in a 50 gallon kettle and put into 16 ounce glass bottles. We use glass rather than plastic because the sauce cooks at temperatures of between 180 and 200 degrees. Just a little on the hot side wouldn't you say? Some plastic bottles, although cheaper, will not handle such temperatures.

Julie B's Old Fashion Relishes are recipes of hers, her mom and her grandmother! Old Fashion is the key to the great taste you get with these fantastic relishes. Over the years, too many folks have used so many short cuts in food preparation that there is hardly any taste left in them. Not so with "Julie B's." Julie (nick name - her real name is Lois!!) even has the written recipes from her mom and grandmother so you know they are good.

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Jim & Julie B Appleby
Creators of Road Kill BBQ Sauce and Julie B's Old Fashion Relishes