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Jim -- just wanted to let you know that my husbadn recently got a smoker and used your Pork Rub on a huge pork butt roast. Oh my heavens it was great! We have also used your BBQ sauces and each of the Julie B's Old Fashion relishes. We have enjoyed them all. Hope you will again be at this year's Autumn Leaves Festival in Mount Airy. See you then!
K. DuPlessis
Westfield, NC

While traveling Arizona, my husband and I stopped in Seligman and ate a tasty meal at the "Road Kill Cafe".  Needless to say, the featured condiment served there is "Road Kill BBQ Sauce" which I had never had the pleasure of tasting before.  I'm actually not a great lover of bbq sauce, but this "Road Kill" sauce was something so different and so delicious, I wanted to lick my plate!  Many months later I tried to purchase "Road Kill" in my own state of Michigan and was unable to locate it at any nearby markets.  Driven by the desire to get my hands (and mouth!) on that sauce I phoned the "Road Kill Cafe" back in Seligman and had an employee there read the phone number off the back of the "Road Kill BBQ Sauce" bottle so I could call the company and order some.  Mission accomplished!  If you love bbq sauce, I absolutely encourage you to try "Road Kill".  You won't be disappointed!
Mrs. J. Kosutic

Farmington Hills, MI

I just had to sit down an write a note to those wonderful people who are making Road Kill BBQ Sauce and Julie B's products. I can't imagine a meal without using at least one or two of them! We use the BBQ Sauce instead of ketchup. It's really changed the way we look at "Road Kill."
B & P Schnell - Union City, MI

At our recent barbeque cookout everyone raved about the "Road Kill" sauce, as to how delicious it was. The next day we had several calls as to where to place an order for the sauce, so we decided the party was a success.
S & N Wright - Bethlehem, CT

I'm out of your GREAT BBQ SAUCE! Please send me two bottles of the "Sweet Original" and two "Smoke & Spice." I plan to send you a picture of one of our cookouts. We love it! Thanks!
R. Sidebottom - Hallie, KY

My wife made pork spare ribs for our Sunday dinner using your BBQ sauce....yum!! We were both pleasantly surprised how sweet but kickin' they turned out. She wanted you to know that we truly enjoyed your BBQ sauce. We had originally found your web site because she needed a unique gift for a fellow employee. But now, knowing your product is excellent, I know we'll be return customers.
T & G Lucia - Springfield, MA

Just a note to tell you how much we enjoyed your bar-b-que sauces. We find that each flavor sauce seems to compliment various cuts of meat differently. What a delight! By the way, the "Gor-May" flavor sauce is delicious even in potato salad!
A & M Dion - L'Avenir, QC Canada

My wife and I were one of the first to try "Road Kill BBQ Sauce" and we found it very tasty and enlightening. We continue to use it on all our grilling and look forward to future new products.
R & G Herdman - Morrow, OH

It was my husband and my first invite to a "neighborhood chicken burning" where we tasted "Road Kill BBQ Sauce" and made it our number one choice. I have never been a great lover of any sauces but much to my surprise, I tried it and ate more than my share!
D & M Pickering - Kissimmee, FL

We found your "Road Kill BBQ Sauce" a delightful addition to our roadkill cookouts. As seniors, we are dependent on finding a sufficient supply of roadside cuisine. A valuable tip is to pick up the fare that rests just off the road, preferably on grass, which can be rolled up around the carcass for an additional flavor additive. Ideally, you will find one lying in wild mustard!
F & J Cinati - Peru, IN